Wolkenmenschen in Geotextilien

Cloud People




Cloud People is showing creatures that found their habitat around geo-textiles. Those textiles are covering glaciers in summer, in order to prevent further melting of the ice and save some snow for the winter. Nicole Weniger has been working around those landscapes for several years. Especially in summer, when there is no snow covering them, one can see "what's left" and the place is revealing its wounds. By adding objects or creatures, like in other series, Nicole Weniger is attributing a certain narrative and provoking our own reflection on the landscape.

Wolkenmenschen hausen unter und auf Geotextilien, welche die Gletscher über den Sommer abdecken. Wollen sie mit den Wolken die Landschaft schützen, sind sie die Hüter der Landschaft?

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ongoing series since 2020

Fotos © Nicole Weniger

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